Truth And Action, 1 Peter (Part 1)

I wanted to share part of the Truth In Action portion of the Spirit Filled Life Bible I have. It speaks volumes to me about where we are in the end times. Christians have always been persecuted but its worse than ever in my opinion.

Growing In Godliness

“The book of 1st Peter challenges us to live godly lives, even in the midst of trial, suffering, or persecution. Circumstances do not affect godly principles for living. Whether you are being loved or cursed, you are to bless. Whether you will be embraced or persecuted, you life and testimony are to witness to the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. Consistency in godly living, despite circumstances, is the true test of growth in godliness.


Let your life witness for Jesus, regardless of circumstances.

Understand that suffering is part of the Christian life. Study Jesus’ responses to suffering, and follow His example.

Women, place greatest value on the inner beauty of the heart. Seek to have a peaceful and humble spirit, which is precious to God.

Men, have a peaceful and humble spirit; be understanding of your wife. Honor her as an equal heir of salvation, so your prayers will not be impeded.

Choose to bless and not curse or retaliate. Speak words of blessing, and be a blessing everywhere you go.

Keep Jesus as Lord of your life. Always be ready to share your hope and faith with others.

Extend hospitality with a joyful heart.

Live in humility with all people. Understand that pride will cause God to resist you, so repent and turn from it. Humble yourself, knowing that God will give you grace and lift you up in His time. Give God your anxieties. Know with confidence that He will care for you”.

I pray that as you read this you will see what I see in that it doesn’t matter what trials or suffering we are going through Jesus went through it also. It’s not always easy to be humble, even Jesus got mad and turned over tables when He went into the temple of God and saw men buying and selling. Pray for those who curse you, always be ready to share your story of salvation with someone and remember who your Savior is. I believe that our redemption is close at hand and I pray that your ready because what comes after the rapture isn’t pleasant, it will be down right horrid. Please share Jesus with someone today it may be their only chance to see heaven because no one is promised tomorrow. Be Blessed!

May God’s Peace Be Upon You,

Beverly H.


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