Are You Sad…

Well let me tell you that I am, I’m so sad because there are so many out there dieing from this covid-19 and to many are dieing alone without their families around. The thought of those people not to have a least one family member with them as they pass from this world is extremely heart breaking to me. When my mom and dad died 6 and 11 years ago they had us children around, we watched them take their last breath and go on to meet Jesus. This virus doesn’t allow the family to say good by to their loved ones. My heart hurts so bad for those that can’t say good bye. On the other hand the nurses and doctors are there doing their best to comfort our loved and for them I just want to say thank you so much, I have been in the hospitals around hear where I live in Florida and the nurses hear were always fantastic with me.

So I Just Want You To Know That I am Truly Grateful For Your Sacrifices And Your Compassion!

Thank you for being there for our family members when we can’t be there. The compassion that you show a patient in the last moments of their lives is something we could never repay and grateful doesn’t come close to how we really feel about you. I pray that there are lots of Christian Nurses out their that are willing to talk to your patients about Salvation through Jesus Christ to those that are dieing so that they are at least given the opportunity to except Jesus as their Savior and to explain what it means to be a child of God. Please know that I will be praying for you and all the people on the front line as well as the patient. Dear Lord, I come before you humble asking for strength and wisdom, and The Peace that surpasses all understanding for those that are working on the front lines, our officers, firefighters, Doctors, and most of all the nurses who are the ones with those that are dieing. May Your Peace Shine Upon them all. In Jesus Name. Amen


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