I started reading The Book of Revelation in my NKJV Spirit-Filled Bible Third Edition and in the beginning of each book in this Bible they have an introduction to that particular book. Under the Background and Date portion of this introduction this is what it says.

“Evidence within Revelation indicates that it was written during a period of extreme persecution of Christians. Some scholars believe that this persecution began during Nero’s reign after the great fire that nearly destroyed Rome in July of A.D. 64, and continued until his suicide in June of A.D. 68. In this view, John would have written the book before Jerusalem’s destruction in September of A.D. 70. This would make it an authentic prophecy concerning the continuing suffering and persecution of Christians, which would become even more intense and severe in the years ahead. Based on isolated statements by the early church fathers, however, some interpreters date the book near the end of the reign of Domitian (A.D. 81-96), after John had fled to Ephesus”.

I found this very interesting because it talks about extreme persecution of Christians and 4 years of Nero’s reign. This made me wonder if this is what will happen to Christians in America over the next 4 years. It’s just a thought I had nothing more nothing less. I know one thing and that is God is still on the throne and no matter what happens we, as Christians, can have peace knowing that God is with us.

If you haven’t accepted Christ as your savior yet and would like to do so, please pray these words:

“Jesus, I acknowledge I am a sinner and I am in need of salvation. Thank you for your sacrifice on the cross. Come into my heart and make me new. Thank you for your gift of eternal life. Help me to learn to walk with you now. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

If you prayed that prayer, please tell someone that can guide you in your next steps in your relationship with Jesus.

God Bless,

Beverly H.


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