A Prayer You Can Pray

I just had to share, I pray you find comfort and peace in this prayer.

A Prayer You Can Pray

[This is a paraphrased portion of a prayer by Anthony Turner of Colorado Springs, CO, released 6/2/20. We feel he expresses the heart of the Father in this intercession from his own heart as a leader in the Black community. You can hear his entire prayer here.]

“Lord, none of what is happening in the nation right now has caught You by surprise. You knew that this day would come. You have seen the pain and the injustice. You have seen this coming for hundreds of years. You saw it coming when You watched the greatest injustice happen to Your own Son who knew no sin, but became sin so that we could be the righteousness of God. (Screengrab of Anthony Turner)

“So, Father, we stand in a nation that is so full of hurt, pain, trauma, and rage. There are so many people that don’t know what to do or where to go. There are so many things causing people to be divided. Even in the midst of that, we stand up today as the Ekklesia, as the Church. We come to the bow of the boat, as Jesus did, and we say, ‘Peace, be still!’ We come to the bow of the nation and we see the storms raging. They seem so insurmountable to us that they cause us to say, as the disciples did, ‘Do You care that we perish?’ We know, Father, that You do.

So, from a place of peace, we speak to the storms of anger, violence, rage, and decimation. We speak to the storms of injustice. We speak to the storms of fear. We speak to the storms and release the sound of shalom, and we say, ‘Peace, be still.’ We say to hearts that are hurting and hearts that are confused, ‘We release the shalom of God, the peace of Jesus, into your lives and into these situations across this nation. We release a great calm over cities in this nation and over neighborhoods.’

“We ask You, Lord, for an invasion of Your Holy fire, just like You invaded that upper room on the day of Pentecost. The 120 that were waiting for You came out differently than they went in. In the midst of all that is going on, we speak a word of shalom, and we say that we want to come out of this differently than we went in.

“We speak to a nation that is in so much pain right now. We release Your love and Your healing balm. We ask You to bring us together now to be solutions to these problems that our nation is facing. We pray for a brokenhearted nation to receive Your love. We pray for those who don’t know where to turn, to turn to You. Jesus, we turn to You. We pray for pastors and leaders, moms and dads, and children who are confused and scared. We say, Lord, in the midst of this, ‘What the enemy has meant for evil, we decree that You are going to turn it for good.’

“We are going to see a nation that has been divided find a way to look past all of the hurt and anger and rage and fear. We are going to see a nation come together. You said Your Son would be ‘wonderful Counselor, the Prince of Peace, and the government would be on His shoulders.’ So, we take the government of the United States and we rest it on the shoulders of Jesus. We take our national pain, our anger, our hurt, and we exchange it at the Cross for Your love and peace. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.”


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