Repent America!

“The attempt of a nation to defy the course of its judgment, apart from repentance, will, instead, set in motion a chain of events to bring about the very calamity it sought to avert.”

This is an excerpt from the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn, in this book it is talking about 9/11 being a shaking, a wake up call if you will, for America to repent and turn back to the Christian principles it was founded on. This can also be applied to this covid-19, the earth quakes, locust swarms and the many other things happening. God is allowing the earth to be shaken it is a wake up call for us to repent and turn back to Him. It’s not to late to except Jesus as your Savior, do it now before the calling away of the church (The Rapture). It is hard to ignore what is going on in the world today and I think God is getting fed up with people mocking His Son and His Word and if you don’ t know Jesus now before the rapture what comes after is going to make the things happening today look like a cake walk. I can’t say it enough except Jesus as your savior now not later because we aren’t promised tomorrow. May the peace of God be on you today and every day.

God Bless,

Beverly H.


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