It’s Time For Repentance

The Return

National and Global Day and Movement

Of Prayer and Repentance

September 26, 2020

On The National Mall

Please mark your calendars for The Return, if you can make it to Washington DC please go. If you can’t talk to your church leaders to meet that day to pray for repentance and revival or call your friends and family and get together and PRAY. If you don’t know Jesus please seek Him out for salvation find a spirit filled church and ask someone about Jesus they will be happy to pray the prayer of salvation with you. We are in a very crucial time in history, we are in the last days. Jesus is coming back soon and the remnant church will fly away with Him, don’t be left behind. Please I can’t say it enough seek out Jesus for salvation. The sinners prayer is in the menu of my blog if you can’t find a church or someone to pray with you just pray the prayer and believe with all your heart and Jesus will save you. If you have said the prayer then you are saved by the blood of Jesus and your sins are no more. I pray that you will heed the call of God and repent of your sins. Be blessed!

May The Peace of God Be On You,

Beverly H.


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