Truth And Action, 1 Peter (Part 3)

This is the third Truth and Action of 1st Peter in the Spirit Filled Life Bible I hope you have enjoyed reading these if so let me know in the comments. I fully enjoy doing these Truth and Action sections of my Bible. Reading the book and doing these has been very informative and inspiring for me as I pray it will be for you.

Pursuing Holiness

“We are washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, which makes us holy. The Holy Spirit sets us apart for the purpose of obedience and holy living. Live in holiness and honor the Lord, knowing that your salvation was bought at the great and precious price of His own blood. In response to all that the Lord has done for you, dedicate the rest of you days to doing His will.


Understand that the Holy Spirit makes us holy, set apart by the blood of Jesus. Obedience is to be our response.

Understand that God has made you holy, even as He is holy, so you can live a holy life be His grace and the power of His Spirit, who lives in you.

Live in holiness, honoring the Lord. Remember that your life was bought with Jesus’ blood.

Seek to be honest, sincere, and pure in all relationships. Thirst for God’s Word. Apply it to you life so you will grow.

Live each day to do God’s will”.

When we except Jesus as our Savior our sin is washed away because He loved us so much He chose to shed His blood to save us from sin and death. The least we can do is be obedient to Him and tell others what a sacrifice Jesus made so that we could be in heaven with Him and our heavenly Father and all the other who have went before us. God tells us to thirst for His Word and when we read His Word we learn to live as a Christian in this world of sin. When we apply God’s word to our life we show others that change is possible. We don’t have much time left before Jesus returns for His people so please tell someone today about salvation through Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day.

May The Peace Of God Be Upon You,

Beverly H.


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