Anticipate The Glory Ahead

This is part of the introduction to 1 Peter in my NKJV Spirit-Filled Life Bible I felt led to share this with all of you. Please share if you feel led. This really hit home with me as to how we are to present ourselves to the world. We can’t reach the masses if we aren’t living godly lifestyles ourselves. We really do need to practice what we preach so to speak. Because we as Christians are not here to confuse people they get enough of that from the world. So let’s led by example. Thank you and stay safe.

” Accompanying several exhortations for faithful living while in a society that is ungodly, the salvation promised in the gospel is also very much in view. The future salvation that awaits believers at the Revelation of Christ is especially prominent at the outset of the letter (1:3-13). This is the “hope” of the Christian referred to in 1:3, 13, 21; 3:15. Even as christ suffered and then was glorified, so we should anticipate the glory ahead, though we may be persecuted for our faith in this life (1:6,7; 4:12, 13). Patience in the midst of unjust suffering is “commendable before God” (2:20).

Also addressed is the important goal of believers’ pointing other to God by their godly lifestyles. We proclaim the praises of God (2:9), influence pagans to glorify God (2:12), silence foolish people by doing good works (2:15), win spouses to Christ by our examples (3:1), shame ungodly critics (3:15, 16), and puzzle former companions (4:4).

Blessing and my the Peace of God rest upon you.

Beverly H.


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