I Don’t Know

I titled this ” I Don’t Know ” because I just don’t know where I’m going with this post. I want everyone to know that it is ok to be concerned especially if you have a loved one that is vulnerable to this covid-19. I can not reiterate how important it is not to panic but be prepared. Christians don’t have to be scared in these trying times because we have Jesus, we need to lean on one another but most importantly we need to lean on God. We need to help each other as much as we can, God’s word says we are to help the widower, the poor, the disabled, etc. my point is, God wants us to help one another.

I started this post last night but got so tired I could not finish. This morning I woke up took my medicine, because I have been fighting influenza A, so I could finish this post. So I watched a video this morning on a friends page and as I was watching I was so overwhelmed by the love of God that all I could do was cry. Then I heard God tell me to anoint my house with oil and everyone in it and he asked me to pray over my loved ones and my home. Then He asked me to tell everyone in the church to do the same so I did. I’m not sure why God wanted me to I just knew I wasn’t going to disobey Him. I believe that every Christian on this planet should do that and that we should be praying not only for our homes, but for our families, our neighbors and neighborhoods, our communities and those who have be infected with covid-19 and those that are on the front lines caring for those with this awful virus. We need to be telling everyone we meet about Jesus because like it or not He is coming back and I believe, like most every other Christian on the earth, that it is going to be very soon. I also believe that after this covid-19 is over and it’s safe, or a least safer to get out and about again, we are going to see revival in this land like never before. I believe that church pews will be overflowing and we need to be prepared to explain what else is coming. It’s time to stop being so worried about offending people or there is going to be a lot more people than necessary going to hell. It’s time to be in your face with the word of God, He is shaking this world to get our attention and so many are missing it because they don’t know what God’s Word says. Please people tell someone today because it may be the last time they have a chance to accept Jesus as their Savior. Please be kind to one another because Jesus is coming back and we are going home.

God Bless,

Beverly H


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