The Coronavirus

I just want to address the issue of the Coronavirus. There is so much media out there about this virus and people are panicking and doing things and acting in ways that they would not normally. I know that it is scary and I’m certainly not saying don’t be prepared because we should be prepared. But God says fear not, I have found myself looking for mask, hand sanitizer, lysol wipes, etc. and completely forgot what God says to us every day of the year, Do Not Be Afraid, and yet here I am a woman of God looking for material things instead of looking to God. Again yes we should be prepared and take precautions but as Christians we should be putting our trust in God and know that He has everything under control. Nothing is going to happen without God’s say so and if He says it’s time for me to go home I’m at peace with that because I will be in heaven with my mom, my dad, my aunt, and so many others that have gone before me singing and praising our Savior. I’m not ready to die I feel that God has more for me to do here on earth. So I am going to pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding and prepare for this Coronavirus to the best of my ability and I urge you to do the same. Be vigilant but most of all pray and trust in God and know that He is with you.

Be Blessed,

Beverly H


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