Humble and Kind

Good morning Lord, I just want to thank You for giving me another day to praise You. I pray that I never turn away from you again. Let this fire I have for you remain burning bright until the end. Let Your light shine so bright that people wonder where it comes from. Let me be humble, loving, giving, and strong in my convictions always to Your Glory. For I want people to know these things I write about are true. That Your Word is our instruction Book on how to live humbly, loving, giving, prosperous not just financially but most importantly in Faith, Kindness, and Humility. We as Christians represent Jesus Christ and God’s Word shows us how to be like Him. So today I pray that you are, as my pastor likes to say, a little more like Jesus as you go through your day and someone is touched by the power of Jesus through you. I give God all the glory.


God Bless you all 😊


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