Please Watch, They Are Really Great Pastor!

Watch “They’re Up To Something | Tom and James Prophecy Podcast” on YouTube If you haven’t accepted Christ as your savior yet and would like to do so, please pray these words: “Jesus, I acknowledge I am a sinner and I am in need of salvation. Thank you for your sacrifice on the cross.Continue reading “Please Watch, They Are Really Great Pastor!”

Biden’s Total Financial Surveillance

What if every one of your noncash financial transactions was automatically reported to a beefed-up, audit-hungry IRS? MATT WELCH | FROM THE OCTOBER 2021 ISSUE (Illustration: Joanna Andreasson) Imagine living in a world where every one of your noncash financial transactions—a restaurant meal, a Venmo transfer to a friend, maybe some bitcoin bought on the dips—was automatically reportedContinue reading “Biden’s Total Financial Surveillance”